Your Senior Year- Hack for the multpotentiated person.

I am a multpotentiated person In case you don’t know what it is a good working definition I found – R.H. Frederickson et al. defined a multipotentiaedl person as someone who “when provided with appropriate environments, can select and develop a number of competencies to a high level.”

There it is. I have the ability to do multiple things at high level. I am not going to beat myself up anymore over it. I find myself getting cranky when I hear people tell me, you have to pick one thing, you have to focus, etc. I consistently push back against that advice and rhetoric, Why do I need to sacrifice something I enjoy?

Here is my hack that allows me to enjoy being a mulpotentailed person.  First, get in the right environment. I feel like in my groups, I am surrounded by similar people. Check. Now I am in the right environment. 2- Here is my answer to how do I get it all done. Simple, My Senior Year. I sat down and wrote out my schedule from my senior year of High School. School started at 7:25am and ended at 2:25. In between, I had 8 periods of classes. When school was over, I went to work. No one ever said to me, Steven, you need to give up Third Period American Literature if you want to be successful, you need to focus on one thing and be the best at it. I could’ve done that. Guess what would’ve happened? I wouldn’t have graduated High School, and I wouldn’t have gone to college, and I wouldn’t have a career today if I followed the one thing advice. American Literature was a requirement for graduation.


My senior I just got my schedule and followed it each day, I didn’t have all of this angst over if I was doing the right thing.

Now I can simply look at my activities, enjoy doing them and do them every day.

I think our talents and abilities are requirements to enjoy our life. If you are a multipotential, lean into it, embrace it, celebrate it! Do your ten things! if I begin to get stressed when I see my growing to-do list, I simply say Senior Year. What is your hack? Do you enjoy being a multipotentialed?

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  1. This is so interesting, Steven. I love that you’ve learned how to embrace this unique way about you. The whole time I was reading, I kept wondering what caused you to fight against this part of you for so long. It totally seems like a superpower from this side of the page.

    I would have loved to have read some examples of the ways that you are multipotentialed…I’m sure many people could really see themselves in your story. Great post, Steven!

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