What story am I telling ?

Friday to Saturday, I practice an informal, non-orthodox Sabbath. A spirit of the law, rather than a letter of the law type activity. One thing I do is spend time away from my phone. For I set an intention not to pick up my phone until noon.

I go for walks, talk with my wife, drink coffee, watch EPL soccer, read, etc.
On my walk this morning, I had an ah-ha moment about money. There isn’t a cause and effect relationship between money and my artistic craft. At its best, money can give me time, but it is still on me to manage it.

Here is the example- If tomorrow someone handed me my salary and quit my job, I don’t suddenly become John Coltrane or Charlie Parker. If I stepped out and played a concert tomorrow, my friends and family would come, and I am sure I could fake my way through a half-hour performance. Instead, if someone handed me my salary, I would need to devote 4-5 hours a day in the practice room and then step out to play. Now let us say if someone gave me my salary. I spent six months traveling the world, minus my saxophone, then stepped out to perform; all I would have was a nice trip. Still, the audience would hear a terrible performance. The other thing is this, someone gave me the money, so the big lesson is, I have not learned how to make money as a creator! Oops.

Right now, I am back to baby steps, getting my craft back in shape, and learning how to make money as a creator.

I had a good day playing today. I started listening to what I was playing, but I said, what do you want to say as a musician in the middle? What stories do you want to tell? I was reminded of when one of my Jazz teachers would tell me when I would improvise. He would say you need to tell a story; you need to take the audience on a journey. At open mike nights, I would hear people say, This person has something to say with the horn. It reminded me of John Coltrane and Charles Mingus- Who spoke out against injustice in their music. Now, what about me?

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