What is normal ?

What does getting back to normal mean to you?

Is normal a place?

A time?

A season?

Or is normal an experience?

Holidays and events come around each year. Each year I know that Christmas is in December, and Labor Day in September, Thanksgiving is in November. My birthday is in January.

I look forward to those days; I have memories of those days and will create new ones in the future.

The question is still present. What is normal? Is going back to normal actually a real possibility?

Normal decades ago for me was this. Christmas involved my mom, dad, and two brothers; we all lived in the same home.

Now my mom, and dad have passed away. My brothers and I live in different states, and now Christmas involves my wife and my son.

What is normal?

Normal could be the ability to experience your past with positives memories, be thankful in the present moment, and allow the future to play out, with a hopeful story in your head.

Hopeful about the future is difficult when we want to get back to normal.

Normal might just not exist. Normal may just be a memory.

That is ok. Maybe normal is just the ability to create something new and memorable each day.

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