What is important?

Determine what actions are important to yourself each day.
Once you have done that.

Proceed to give your labor towards those tasks.
One by one.

Minute by Minute.
Second by Second.

Keep yourself motivated and driven by your internal energy.
It is possible.

Possible to develop your own vision.
Your own convictions.

But then there is the noise.
What is your noise?

What gets in the way of participating in activities that are beneficial to you and helpful to others?

Is it social media? I fall into that trap.
I will read something that someone wrote and get upset.
Eliminate it.

The pursuit of joy is hard.
It is worth it.

Then ask yourself this question.
Is my spirit getting mature?

A mature spirit produces mature actions.
A spirit traveling to joy produces service.

A joyful spirit may not appear first thing in the morning.
A joyful spirit may not even surface during the day.

But it is worth pursuing.
Ask yourself once again.

What am I pursuing?
What am I doing?


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