What do I think about?

What do we think about it? I guess the question is for you, but it is also for me.
Please take a moment to look at your thoughts, then write them down.
Write them either in specific detail or put them in a category.

For me, I think about possessions that I don’t currently have.
Next, I think about ways to purchase them.
Then I attempt to come up with a plan to acquire the possession.

Or I will consider the relationships that I have across the various communities that I belong in.
I move to my job, my family, my worries, fears, goals I want to accomplish.
Projects I am working on, Projects I want to work on.
The present moment, The future, The past.

These are some of the categories of my thoughts.
What have I learned from examining my thoughts?

First, I can generate them.
Second, at first, it seems that I have thousands going around in my head.
Third, the reality hits that it is just a few that seem to be moving around and around.
Fourth I realize that I need to clear some away and put them to the side for a bit.
Fifth- I see that behind some of those thoughts are the current priorities.
Sixth: The current projects need a lot of my energy, and it is easy to avoid them, by thinking of other things, the future wants and desires are fine to think about for a time, but the current projects, were once the things I thought about. These were the things that I wanted. So I need to give them the proper time, energy, and focus.
It comes back to the present moment. In the past, the present moment was a future goal.

Now it is up to me to use the present moment to bring about my goals. Day by Day, drip by drip. With the moment and with purpose. So back to the original question. What are you thinking about? Write it down.

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