What are you waiting for?

I noticed that the shuffle button on my Spotify playlists is disabled for the Top Songs of 2020. Spotify put this playlist together, and they disabled the shuffle button. The shuffle button is present on the playlists that I created, but for some reason, it is disabled on the playlists they created.

I can live with the mystery and don’t feel the need to write to them about it. To acquire my song for the title, I traveled back to the soundtrack I made for the novel I published this year.
When I hit the shuffle button, the song that played was by a KPOP artist. I include a link to the song in the next sentence.

What are you waiting for? This is a song by the artist SOMI. One of the things I enjoy about listening to Kpop is that they sing in Korean for half the song, and then during the chorus, they switch into English.

This is something that they would not teach you in school. Singing in two languages? You are supposed to sing in one. Yet she is singing in two, and I am listening. According to the data in Spotify, What are you waiting for has 40,211,460 streams and SOMI has 1,539,991 monthly listeners.

Yesterday I got a notification from a newspaper when I was typing. The notification was about something political. It irritated and irked me, so much so that I kept thinking about it for the rest of the day. So this morning, I used Siri to disable the notifications on my computer.

What are you waiting for? Try something new. SOMI sings in two languages, and people still listen.


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