What are you learning?

What are you learning? Try a different question. Instead of asking someone, “ How are you today?” or “What is going on?”
After you ask a different question, be prepared to listen.

Listen to what another person has to say. Just because. Not to give advice, your opinion, or your own story. Affirm them.

Understand them. Encourage them. If they ask for your advice or opinion, then give it.
Observe what is around you. Take in your surroundings. Take pictures of interesting things. Go to new places, meet new people.
Take time to listen. Take time to learn. If we take time to learn, we will spend less time arguing about meaningless items. Yes, there are meaningless items that people argue about.
Just scroll through your social media feed. 90% of people squabble over is insignificant.
How do I know this? It is true. Important items that change lives and move the needle aren’t done in social media posts. For example, you don’t sign mortgage papers, adoption papers, car agreements, or marriage licenses over social media, your employment letter, not in a comment feed.
If you insist on being in the feeds or the comment sections, then try to learn something new.

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