Waltzing Matilda


The New Year begins today. Instead of saying New Year’s Resolutions or Goals, I am committing to several projects this year. The main project is to publish 365 blog posts. In the past, I have completed year-long projects. I did 52 weeks of Coffee Shop visits and 365 days of posting photos to a photography site. Several times I have completed a one-year bible reading challenge. I feel confident in my ability to complete this project. One of the first things to do is to come up with some systems and habits to enjoy the project. Systems and Habits ensure that the project has the residence and flexibility needed to carry the project through to completion.

My systems include the use of the High-Performance Planner. Last year I began to use this journal, and over Christmas? I purchased the year-long package, which was on sale for 39.00.

Next, the decision on where to keep all of my writing organized. I decided to place the documents into Scrivener over Google Docs.
The title of the post is Waltzing Matilda. Music is a love of mine. To come up with the title, I opened up Spotify and selected the first song that came up on a playlist called Feel Good Classics. I expected that feel-good classics would be pop music, rocks, or R and B, but classical music. That is ok. Classical music is enjoyable.

The next system and habit combination is writing time. The commitment is ten minutes a day, edit the piece, they publish the piece. Alexa, who sits next to me each day at my writing table, helps me accomplish this task. I ask her, and she sets the timer. That’s it. Post One is done!


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