Two Trains Runnin

James Cotton sang the version of Two Trains Runnin that is guiding my writing this morning. I enjoy listening to the Blues, and the song is on the playlist for my new book.

This week I am organizing my spiritual reading for the morning. Today I started reading Paul by N.T. Wright. In addition to this book is Be the Bridge by Latisha Morrision, and Reading while Black by Esau McCaulley.

Books are a huge part of my day to day, they are scattered throughout my home. My desire this year is to just enjoy my reading, to read the books I have, and finish them. There is a strong temptation to attempt to put an organization system around completing the books that I read. 

The pull to divide my books into categories, Spiritual, Work, Fun, etc is strong. Then there is another part of me that says, let’s just enjoy reading. Why do we need an organizational system for my books? How about this, just enjoy the books you are reading.

The definition of Two Trains Running for me this morning. The train of organization, and The train of enjoy. The worldview of control is strong.

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