The touch.
It could be the feeling generated when you place a body part on an object.

You touched the bottle of water that had been sitting in your car on a 95-degree day.
The bottle is warm to the touch.

Or it could be the feeling generated by an experience either with a person or a book, movie, song, or event.

For example- when you heard Lady Gaga sing “ I will never love again, at the end of A Star is Born.

We were touched by her pain, her emotions, and it created a connection within us.
Touch is about creating connection.

Touch can create a position connection, or it can create a negative connection.

You don’t want to touch something without permission.

The reason you can hurt someone or something valuable.

You don’t want to touch the museum piece, and you don’t want to touch a person.

When this happens, people hurt, are hurt, and still hurt.

You can be a source of hope, joy by your touch.

You may need it.

You may need to give it.

Or both.

The touch.

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