Today is a good day. A good day for? The positive bit of this is that we have options. Choices, chances, doors that are open for us. Even doors that we may not even like. If you look hard enough, you will find them.

So what do you do today? The day could begin with a previously made plan. For example – To move some money, to pay a bill. Or it can be centered around an expectation, the hope of a new job, or a new relationship. Maybe it is a worry or a concern. The health of a family member or even your own.

It doesn’t take very long for the list to begin to get big. What do you do when the list is large?


Is the excitement still present, or did it fade away? Do you begin to move toward what you wish to achieve, or do you go back to bed or into your thoughts?

You have to step out of your thoughts and into action. Action is what you need to do. Movement. In the world. Outside of your head.

The outcome you desire. It may happen, or it may not. If it does take time to celebrate. You may be discouraged that it didn’t happen. That is ok.
Tell yourself that you did it.

So what are you going to do today?

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