To be grounded.

What is going on? In college, I was on the debate team for fours year. I loved watching the news and discussing politics. In grad school, I coached, taught, and judged debate. I recall the impeachment of Bill Clinton and having discussions with people about it.

I am in education. I must teach students how to engage in a civil debate using primary sources. Today I watched the impeachment debate, making sure I paid both sides’ attention and not injecting my views. I was attempting to be an observer.

After the vote, I turned on CNN, MSNBC, then Fox News. I felt like someone was holding me down and punching me all day long. I used to enjoy politics and debate. Right now, I feel like my inner spirit has been under attack. I need to heal. Though here is my question. Why? Why am I having such a reaction?

So what did I do to combat this feeling? I installed a new toilet seat. It helped. In these times of crisis and uncertainty, grounding yourself by engaging the sense helps. Installing the seat got me out of my mind and back into the mindset of helping others and doing my civic duty as an educator, hopefully teaching the youth and adults to engage the culture with careful thought and critical thinking.

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