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Thoughts on Hamilton


I loved Hamilton. I was about to just end the daily right there. My family and I watched it on Disney+ this weekend. I enjoyed it for so many reasons. There was a literary technique that I noticed in the story. Most people know the story of Hamilton, In the story most people know that Burr kills him in the duel. Now even if you don’t know that, in the very first song of the play, at the end of the song the character who plays Burr, says that he kills Hamilton. So there it is, we know that this story ends with a death. It won’t be a mystery, no twist. The author reveals it. So what is this called? Why do author’s who write decide what to reveal and how to reveal it?

This brings me to my own story, what do I go with?  Authors write stories write multiple takes on a scene, characters, various endings some wind up on the chopping floor. The best end up in the story. The unused parts get repackaged and sold under titles like directors cut, or extended version. Notice they never say, This is the stuff that wasn’t good enough to make the book or the movie.
I guess lessons for my writing- Just write several versions, get feedback, and pick the best one. I am going to try that this week.

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