Thinking about work.

The minute I start a project, I want to be able to finish it. Done, completed, move on to something else. Sometimes I enjoy the work, most times enjoying the work is difficult, other times the work is ignored or put off to the last possible moment.

Enjoying the work is challenging; doing the work occupies most of my day, but done? What does done produce?

Done could mean many things. A finished movie get’s played to audiences. A finished book gets read by readers. The finished art is displayed at galleries, clothes are worn, food is consumed, and the list goes on.

What about work? We enjoy watching people work as well. We watch athletes work when we focus our eyes on The NBA, NFL, or MLB.

The coaches, the players that are at a game this is their 9 to 5. A musician performing live, The actor doing live theater, the bartender serving you, the server at the restaurant, the teacher, all of them are working while we are consuming. We go back and forth, between working ourselves consuming others’ work, in the service of what?

Do I work in the service of being finished? Getting it done so I can move on to the next project? It is a bit of both. When I create represents service, I can look forward to handing my work over to someone who is waiting for it. Done with a spreadsheet or a form, I am groaning and gritting my teeth as I labor to complete it. Is there a way for me to work one percent more today to see my work as not just a rush to get done but also an act of service?

My labor our labor benefits others? Even when appreciation is not giving or shown. Part of our work is for compensation. Part of our work can be for acknowledgment and appreciation, but don’t ignore that our work is also in others’ service. When we don’t have the compensation we deserve or aren’t appreciated, we can still draw strength to persevere from the generosity that we show daily when we show up to do our work.

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