Then tension between rest and work.

One thing I am proud of is perfect attendance. I had perfect attendance from 3rd grade to 8th. My reward was Chicago White Sox tickets. I wasn’t a White Sox fan at all. I enjoyed the game of baseball, so I would go to the games. The prize didn’t motivate, I wasn’t working for the tickets. I was just driven to have perfect attendance.

As an adult, I don’t miss work very often. I enjoy watching my vacation, and six hours accumulate just because. I go to work sick because that is what you do until COVID. Now we have temperature checks and health screenings, and we need to stay away if we are sick.

I value my own performance over my healing. As a society, how do we view healing or taken time off to heal?

Without running a full research report, I have found myself looking more at those who push through the pain and hurt and continue anyway. I admire Michael Jordan for playing with food poisoning and other athletes for playing hurt. In the face of tragedy, I applaud and initiate those who are back at it quickly.

What about healing? What about rest? We don’t give Oscars or Golden Globes for healing and rest. We don’t give certificates for taking care of ourselves. We look at sleeping as lazy. The lack of cultural value assigned to healing, rest, or peace doesn’t negate the need for it.

Society brings us grief, suffering, stress, and anxiety. Work is one way to process it, Serving is another way to process it as well. What if those don’t work and you find yourself still tired, exhausted, or worn out. It may be time to consider rest, peace, and healing.
I need to examine my relationship with rest and my desire for constant movement. The tension exists. I need both. I believe I have favored one over the other.

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