The Weekend

What do you think of the Weekend? No, not the pop singer. These days, for a good part of the population, the Weekend is Saturday and Sunday. We get excited for the weekend because we don’t have to work. I know in my workplace, and in other workplaces, people will call Thursday Friday Eve, Then on Friday, once it hits five o’clock, there is a celebration. Some people don’t have a weekend, they work on Saturday and Sunday, often serving those who are off on the weekend. A side note, make sure you are nice and respectful to those who work on the weekend.

Ok back to the main narrative.

What does that say about the workweek? If we look forward to Friday and dread Monday?

I have to ask that question myself. For years, my favorite night of the week is Friday. I know that Saturday is freedom. I can wake up when I want; I don’t have to rush to be anywhere.

So what is the answer? Some people think it is to drop off the workplace; others see the answer as working for yourself?

Dropping out of the workforce isn’t an option; it is a choice, but for me, work is how we meet our responsibilities, bills, caring for ourselves, and making a contribution.
Working for yourself, well, that means that you still have to generate an income.
So what is the answer? What if we decided to look forward to Monday rather than dreading it?

What if we saw Monday-Thursday as precious? A precious time where yes, we find stress, grief, loss, situations, and circumstances that aren’t favorable. The weekday. The workplace.

We can’t just dislike four days a week over a year; that adds up to 208 days. Reflect on this for a minute. I still look forward to Friday, Sat, and Sunday, but what can I do to look forward to Monday?

I believe some options are available to us. I can look forward to seeing people, I can look forward to contributing, I can look forward to and be thankful that I have a workplace to go to. We can look forward to connecting with the relationships that are available to us. What if we looked at our workplace with curiosity? With hope? With possibility.

These thoughts don’t bind us; they aren’t a promise, it is just a way of living that will help you generate a positive internal climate inside of yourself, and maybe, hopefully, our work weeks will go better.

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