The Staff Meeting.

The Staff Meeting- You are looking into a staff meeting between Steven- Author and his characters from his in-progress novel- The Adventures of Aquafunkapus and his Band of Misfit Heroes. Steven wrote a rough draft of the novel in November during Nanowrimo. This year on his blog he has been posting excerpts about it. He is looking for feedback, but if you tell him you don’t understand he gets super irritated, tells him something else. He knows you don’t understand it, and lecturing him on the obvious isn’t helpful.  Oh, my name is DJ I am one of the characters in the novel. At the current moment, I am in quite a jam, you can go back through the blog posts and read about it. Danyo is good enough for an introduction in case people are here for the first time?

Danyo- Yes I suppose so, I know Steven is into being kind, and empathic, and watching out for people’s feelings, but in my mind, he has gone overboard and that is why we are in this predicament. Who cares if someone is here for the first time? Do we need to explain why we exist to everyone who shows up? Do you go into Starbucks and ask for an origin story every time you go in? No, you ask for coffee. Steven just needs to put the words out there, if they are interesting people will come back. I mean really how many times have you turned on a movie one hour into it? You don’t turn it off, you watch the entire movie, then you go back and watch the beginning, and if people are here for the first time, they can read it, and send Steven and email. Gosh, I am getting perturbed by him. Speaking of him, Akemi take over, I need to go get him so we can start this meeting.

Akemi- Narrorating- Myself and DJ are sitting around a virtual zoom background. Steven has made some coffee he procured from an instacart window that opened up this week. Steven broke down and went to Starbucks yesterday. The first time in over a month. He felt a bit of shame as he sat in the drive-thru lane. He sat beating himself up because he had so much, and others had so little. Steven finally had to just say that he was thankful for his blessings during a difficult time.

DJ- Akemi, should you be using Quotation marks when we talk?

Akemi-Possibly, but who cares? I mean, I guess I could, but it takes to much effort. I mean, I keep forgetting, to get a quotation mark, do I have to hold down the shift key, or can I push the key? When I push the key, I get an apostrophe, but on the keyboard, it looks like a comma because it is underneath the quotation mark symbol. It’s not that simple. People never think of these things. But it gives me anxiety, so I am not going to use quotation marks!

DJ- So what are you going to do? File a stress claim?

Akemi- I could! I need to have a support animal or something to help me with my stress.

DJ- Just do you Akemi, we can work with it.

Danyo and Steven enter the room. Steven has coffee for everyone, and Danyo is eating out of a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos.

Danyo- Hey, Call this number- 1-719-266-2837- Trust me, it is cool. It is called Call and Oats when you call it gives you options of Hall and Oats songs to listen to.

Akemi-Sure Danyo, really off-topic.  Ok, Steven, what have you brought us here to discuss? What are we doing next?

Steven- I don’t know if I should publish any content from the novel.

Danyo- Stop it! Yes, you should!

Steven- It feels irresponsible to try to be funny during this time.

Danyo- You said 30 weeks, and 30 posts, that was your goal.

Steven- I did, but that was before the Virus came.

Danyo- So what? Who do you think you are anyway? Shawn Hannity? Rachel Maddow? Don Lemon? Get over yourself, America isn’t turning to this blog to get the latest information on the Virus.

Steven- But don’t I have an obligation to contribute?

DJ- I am going to have to agree with Danyo on this one,, you sort of left us in limbo- People don’t understand why Danyo is is the bad guy, they don’t know his motivation, and why he does what he does, you have the responsibility to give the readers a consistent narrative.

Steve- DJ, you do have a point. I have been a little gunshy to publish new content. I sound like I am writing stream of consciousness, my characters all sound alike, maybe I need to step back and figure somethings out, get that narrative set, get it, so people understand.

Danyo- Please, DJ, shut up with that nonsense. Steven, the only obligation you have is to produce your pages. Having a consistent narrative is over-rated anyway. Go on Netflix and pick out a foreign film, any foreign film. I bet you people can’t figure out the narrative. Think about all the inconsistencies in the Marvel movies, the Star Wars films, people being confused and not knowing what’s going to happen in a story, some people call it confusion, some people call it a conflict. The problem is you are falling into the bad habit of wanting to hide behind some made-up nonsense you heard on a Youtube Video.

Akemi- I am going to have to agree with Danyo, you made a promise to put out 30 excerpts from this novel. That is the goal. The second thing you said you were going to do is once you are done doing that, you are going to work on putting it all together into a coherent narrative.

Steven- Thanks everyone, you are correct. I am writing a rough draft, and I need to accept that. Akemi, you are right, Danyo I have to give you credit, you are correct as well.

Danyo- Ok, so what does this mean?

Steven- Well, it means two things. First I will be back next week with a video that explains the story the best I can,

Akemi- What is it going to be called?

Steven- The Devil went down to Georgia.

DJ- Sounds very interesting, what is it going to be about?

Steven- About Danyo, and his motivation. Why he does what he does and what he hopes to achieve.

Danyo- Perfect- Steven remembers to promote your podcast and Youtube Channel, Really what is the point of doing a 90-day challenge posting 57 days in a row, and not sharing. Are you proud of having zero views?

Steven- Nope, I am not, but I can only put out content and hope for the best. Consistency and Effort are my strengths, marketing isn’t. I will get better.
Anyway check out the Latest Episode of The Steven Thompson Experience- Rocket Man.




2 thoughts on “The Staff Meeting.

  1. Hey Steven, As always it’s a delight reading your post. I do hope you’re organising Akemi’s support animal, although here in Australia we’ve had a run on our animal shelters in the last few weeks so it might prove a bit tricky 😉 I’m with your team 30 weeks, 30 posts – build it and we will come! Also, I wonder if this is your contribution to the virus situation by showing us how amidst the devastation and sadness we can each find a way to coexist with some continuity and normality, even though it’s tough and has our mind going a hundred mile an hour. And, well as normal as this bunch of misfit heroes are, anyway.

  2. “a virtual zoom background” — but which one!? And what does Danyo think of the new reaction buttons in Zoom?

    pulling it into a coherent narrative — how are you thinking about that process as you are sharing the 30 pieces?

    You bring up what to share/publish during COVID and while the world is upside down and hurting. Would you consider posting about this? Would be interested to learn more about what you’re seeing and how you’re thinking about this.

    The Devil went down to Georgia!!

    Look forward to the video.

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