The Snafu

Snafus. They happen all the time.
It is tempting to blame the snafu on someone else.
It is even more tempting to get frustrated, angry, or sad.
Take a breath.
Then set a course of action and work through the snafu.
This morning 10 minutes before I was to host a zoom call, my internet was out.
A snafu.
Tempted to fret, Tempted to desire.
Nope, just work through the snafu.
Reboot the rooter.
Pour some coffee.
Make a plan to use a hotspot, make someone a co-host.
Working through the snafu.
Reboot worked.
Snafu number two.
Opened up the meeting.
No one is present.
Got sad, Got depressed. Told self stories.
Work through the snafu.
Discovered I didn’t start the meeting.
Just opened the meeting with the wrong meeting ID.
Opened the meeting, Book there were the people.
Snafu worked through.
A Snafu. Meant to be worked through. It is natural to react, believing your emotions alone are a source of action.
Just don’t stay in them. Enlist them, and work through the snafu.
By the way, today is May the 4th. Happy Star Wars Day!

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