The road to peace

Peace is a term that I hear often.
Is peace the desired state?

An outcome that I am working to acquire?
Peace is difficult because my mind generates thoughts that aren’t true, but I convince myself that they will come true.

Instead of joy internally, I create fear and anxiety.
The opposite of peace is occurring.

So I need to try something different.
Try to create thoughts that aren’t true.

Thoughts that may not come true.
But generate joy?

Or what about just allowing myself to enjoy the present moment?
To close my eyes as I type.

To take a deep breath.
To listen to Charlie Parker solo in my headphones.

To listen to Dizzy Gillespie take over from Charlie.

Yes, there are places that I don’t want to be.
Places I would rather be.

The road to peace is bumpy.
The bumps aren’t a reason to stop the journey.

Perhaps I just need to accept the bumps.
Then pray for the peace to face each bump.
Knowing that we aren’t alone.

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