The Process

Exposure to information is how I begin most days. I can even think back to my elementary school days, rolling out of bed and turning on the TV to watch cartoons before I went to school. In High School and Jr High, I recall turning on NBC news in the morning to watch a short sports recap done by Jimmy Cefalo, a former NFL Wide Receiver. On A Sunday night, I would watch George Micheal’s sports machine, no not the singer George Micheal, but the host of a sports show.

The neat thing is that I can find these on YouTube. My childhood has memories of TV shows that I watched, information that I gathered, processed, and went off to the day to discuss with others, and at the same time had more information sent back to me in school that, in turn, it was my job to process, along the way you develop friendships. Poof, suddenly you are about to turn 50.

The days start a bit differently now. I roll out of bed, meditate, then do s short cardio workout, read the Bible and another spiritual book, and keep a writing journal. It is on to the blog post for the morning, then editing my book. I will get up to make coffee. I am also listening to Jazz music because I want to have my mind prepared to play my saxophone later in the day.

Along the way, there are services to others through my work at a non-profit, spending time with my wife, son, and a zoom call with friends.

All of this is external. What I show to the world, what goes on internally, is what I and most of us, I believe, have to deal with as well daily. What does your inner life look like to you? You are the only one who can see it. How are you taking care of it? What do you expose it to? Your inner life can be your best friend or your worst enemy on most given days. It is up to us to work to be able to deal with it.
In March, I am making attempts to limit my exposure to information in the morning, calling it creating and intentional, conscious consumption. No email newsletters, No alerts until after I have published a blog post and edited my novel.

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