The present moment

Suppose there is an event or circumstance that is going to occur in 4 hours. In that case, the mind keeps me occupied by generating thoughts and feelings about how it will be unpleasant and telling me that I should be somewhere else or doing something else.

It isn’t comforting to do this. The truth is that I can change course.
I can get out of the train of thought and engage in other activities.
I can listen to music, type a blog, meditate, read scriptures.
The change begins to arrive, and the mind will respond.
The present moment holds joy and peace.
The future is full of mystery and is unknown.
All the mystery to exist.
The mystery is in the future.
The present moment is where we are at now.
What are you thinking in the present moment?
What are you doing in the present moment?
Is your body in control, or is your mind in control?
Or you engaged in action or lost in thought?
Or are you thinking and acting?
What feelings do you have?
Guilt? Shame? Fear? Hope? Joy?
They all come either all at once like floats in a parade; you see them and experience all of them.
Or do they come one at a time?
Take a look. Listen. Feel? Then wonder.
The present moment can be a time of preparation.
Preparing you to serve. Preparing you to help. Preparing you to contribute.

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