Taking it personal

Perhaps you have heard the term “ Don’t take things personally.” Why? Has anyone ever considered why we give that advice? In fact, who really follows it? When someone calls you a name, you take it personally; when someone tells you your work is bad, I take it personally. I take things personally when the people who criticize my work don’t know how to do it or haven’t done it. So yes, I take things personally.
If people didn’t take things personally, Facebook wouldn’t be full of so much abuse, and the capital wouldn’t have been stormed by people believing lies.
Even though people say we don’t take things personally, the data shows we do.
That is ok. Take things personally, then take them and throw them away in the trash. Don’t store them in your heart, or take them and use them as fuel for your next project.
I am honest about taking things personally and not fake about not. It is all about perspective.

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