I have never had surgery, but I have been around people who have been through it. My wife, my Father, friends have all spent time in the hospital having surgery. I know several surgeons; even though the surgeries were different, and the doctors’ specialties vary, there is one thing that all share in common. People who are having surgery aren’t moving. The people performing the surgery aren’t operating on moving people.

For example, suppose your heart surgeon says to you. In that case, You need surgery, and you have a work meeting; the option of having the surgeon come to your work and perform the surgery on you isn’t available. You will never see a doctor performing surgery on a moving person.

The point is this, we need a time of stillness and silence to help heal. Surgeons will operate on parts of our bodies that aren’t performing the way they need to. So when they do their work, we are; still, we don’t move. Movement during surgery runs the risk of harming you.

We can apply this principle to our view of stillness and silence. Stillness and silence is a time for us to heal, for our bodies to heal, for us to take time to give our worries and fears to the universe, or God if you are a believer, but even if you aren’t a believer in a deity, subscribe to religion the scientific benefits of stillness, silence, meditation, and rest are clear. Take time each day to be still. It will prepare you to serve or help you to heal.

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