Sunday Bloody Sunday


Danyo here! Steven is finally making some attempts to promote his Podcast and Youtube Channel. Watts is away this week. She is attempting to find a voice that is different than mine. Personally, I believe that I should be driving the story.

Now for this week. Multiverse jumping in the flesh.  Here is how jumping into multiverses work. First, go with it. Don’t start asking a whole lot of questions. Second The characters who can jump multiverses work in the multiverse- DJ, Watts,Akemi, Me. We work in the multiverse. Laura, Travis they can’t jump into a new multi-verse, but they exist in many. This follows String Theory and if you really have a desire to understand String Theory watch this Ted Talk.

When you work in the multiverse, you jump into a different universes through music videos, television shows, and movies. You will see DJ jump this week so you can get an idea of how all this multiverse jumping works.

Again, resist the urge to start asking a ton of questions on how this works.  Go with the flow. What do you have to do anyway? As long as you have enough toilet paper and purell life is good. Besides if you start asking too many questions Steven will try and research it all, look up the answers, and get himself tied in knots. He is very anxious these days. Be gentle with him.

Fiction is something that is made up, so if Steven wants a Cheeseburger to talk to a mule in 1936 while watching the Yankees play then he can. Let us set the scene DJ is in a coffee shop, he has bitterness towards his childhood friend Travis. Travis is about to leave his wife Laura for a younger woman named Kayla. DJ has rekindled his love for Laura and is plotting to start a new life with her in another multiverse. If he does this, then he will lose his life in the current universe and be forced to quit his job as a multiverse worker, and with it all the benefits of multiverse jumping. He is going to jump into New York. This is why we call it Spiritual Science Fiction Soap Opera. You have all the elements, except for the spiritual part. Be patient. We will add that component soon. We take you to a coffee shop present day before the Coronavirus lockdown. If it were set during the lockdown, you can be sure that DJ would’ve washed his hands, while singing happy birthday then he would practice social distancing, because Steven is all about flattening the curve. Danyo is about finding memes.

DJ sat in a coffee shop, he was listening to Joe Cocker and had a sudden urge to go to New York City. He was thinking of When Harry Met Sally or was it Sleepless in Seattle. He was thinking about Meg Ryan, but the wrong Meg Ryan movie. Bye, Bye Blackbird was in the Sleepless in Seattle soundtrack, and that wasn’t filmed in New York. Well, I think the last scene of the movie is filmed in New York. He wasn’t even listening to Bye Bye Blackbird. He was listening to Feeling Alright.

Yet he yearned for New York. He thought of the autumn leaves, hot dogs, and coffee in those blue cups. So he decided to head off to New York. He set a timer on his watch for five minutes. That would give him five days, but he really didn’t think he needed five days, maybe just one day. So he set his timer for 24 seconds, he got up and went to the bathroom, that way people wouldn’t freak out, if he disappeared for 24 seconds and then returned to his table, 24 seconds later. He took his phone with him, he couldn’t find When Harry Met Sally on any streaming sites, but that didn’t matter, what he did do was find a clip of the movie on Youtube.

He brought it up, and he was in New York.STOP – ( Danyo here, look at this point don’t ask how he got into the movie, he opened up youtube pressed a button and he was in New York, if you ask how he got there, I will slap you, suspend belief.) Danyo disappears back to the story. START- HA!! I be that jarred you a bit! That is what the villain is supposed to do. Ok for real this time, we are going back to the story, and if you are confused GOOD, that was intentional!! A villain like me causes chaos in all aspects of the story. Ok for real now Danyo out. Back to the real story. START-

He was in the living room, he saw Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal talking. DJ slowly creeped out the door to avoid being noticed.  DJ  ran into the street. A cab was headed straight for him. He managed to jump out of the way but only to be splashed by the water. He looked over and saw a strange-looking man or maybe women, leaning against a pole. The person had on black sunglasses, black jeans, doc martens and a My Little Pony T-shirt. He glanced away and kept walking, what DJ didn’t know was that person leaning against the pole was Danyo. His soon to be a nemesis and someone that DJ would either have to kill or be killed by. Perhaps there was a third option available, but no one seemed to know what that was.

DJ took in the smells of the city. It was 55 degrees at 3pm, it was clear, Humidity was 80%, the wind at 5mph, and Precipitation currently was 0. He looked and saw the autumn leaves on the trees. They were an orangish color. He saw a row of benches, the benches were brown, and a few loose leaves had trickled down from the trees and landed on the bench. He thought of heading over to one and sitting down. He turned to his right and saw a couple kissing. The man had on a cream-colored outfit, and the woman he was kissing had a jacket with black buttons and a checkerboard pattern on her coat.

Over her shoulder was a white bag. Both of them had their eyes closed as they kissed. DJ wondered if they were really in love or just posing for an Instagram shot. One that would generate thousands of likes. He decided he would head in the direction of the park benches, as he got closer he saw the row of park benches, the trees in this area had changed instead of seeing bright orange leaves, the sidewalk was covered in yellow leaves. He wondered to himself if anyone would come along and clean them.

The benches were empty. Which was odd considering the time of day. Except for one person, a woman. This was a different woman. Without a partner. Perhaps this was why he yearned for New York. Laura wasn’t his destiny. This woman and the park bench was his soul mate. She had long black hair. Her left hand was on her head. Her right hand was on the bench. She seemed to be posing. She had on a red vinyl coat, black pants, and white boots. DJ made eye contact with her. A chill went down his body, something felt off, then a gust of wind came and blew the leaves straight up in the air. A feeling of dread sped down DJ’s body like electricity flowing through a current. The jolt was so intense his eyes shut. When he opened them, he saw Danyo standing behind her. Danyo ran his hands through her hair, back and forth, smiling, he leaned over her and kissed her. He pulled out a knife and cut off her head, and threw it, it landed at DJ’s feet. DJ jumped, and then he looked down. The head’s eyes opened, and she said to him. “Will you join us for drinks?”

One thought on “Sunday Bloody Sunday

  1. Wow, that took a turn I was not expecting! Great compilation of everything here in your blog this week Stephen.
    Apart from anything else, what I feel coming through all of your work at the moment is how much fun you are having with all of these things. You say in your blog that you’re a bit anxious – it sure is crazy times right now and then a trip to urgent care as well probably didn’t help. I hope that these creative outlets are providing you with some relief from the anxiety.
    I love Danyo’s invitation to go with the flow and not ask too many questions and this was my favourite line this week: Fiction is something that is made up, so if Steven wants a Cheeseburger to talk to a mule in 1936 while watching the Yankees play then he can.
    It was good to get in some multiverse travel in this excerpt and you’re setting up some real tension in the story. Am really enjoying it.
    PS. I need to mention that I’m grateful for your YouTube challenge and your permission to embrace the messiness of life. You’re so right and it’s a reminder to me that breaking the rules is so much fun. Unless of course, you do it by dressing up as an old person and sneaking into the shops during their dedicated 1 hour shopping time here in Australia so that you can buy toilet paper ahead of them 😉

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