Stop fighting with people on Social Media. Really stop it. Unless it helps you, and unless it helps other people, or if it delivers a living wage. Instead of fighting with people, posting your witty comeback that isn’t witty, nor a comeback.

Dueling hashtags and increasing hyperbole isn’t vigorous debate; it’s noise. A clanging gong.

Stop banging gongs.

Instead, write a blog, start a podcast, write a book. Own and produce original content.

If your only appearance on social media is in the comments, you are forever a follower and not a leader. Leaders create, set the tone to invent new ways of doing things. Followers attempt to get other people to agree with someone else’s content.
So which one are you?

If you are mad and triggered by these comments, then you are a follower; if you reflect, then perhaps you are already a leader.

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