Start Again

Did you make a resolution for 2021? If you did, where are you at in your progress? Are you still going? Did you stop?

If you are still making progress towards your resolution, then take time to celebrate that progress.

If you have stopped. Try this. Don’t beat yourself up. Don’t laugh at yourself.
Start again. Yes, begin again. You set the intention. You made the resolution. Just start again.

Imagine this. You have planned a long trip. You are traveling by car. At some point during the trip, you stop. It could be to purchase gas. Perhaps it is to buy snacks, get some coffee, or use the restroom.

When you have finished, have you ever decided to just stay where you are at?

Take up residence at the gas station? The coffee shop? The store? No, you keep going. The place where you stopped is not the place you intended to go.

What do you do? You get back in your car and begin again. You head towards your goal.

Take time to reflect on this situation.

Where are you? If you have a setback, and this is why you had to stop pursuing your goal, then continue to take the time you need.

If not. Then just begin again. Get back into your car. Start the engine and begin to drive.

Show up each day and pursue your goal, your resolution, your project. You can. It isn’t against the rules because there aren’t any rules. If you want rules, guess what? You are the writer of the rules.

The goals that you set are for you. Now go pursue them!

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