Sing and Dance

“Dreaming with your eyes wide open.”

I heard these lyrics in a song from move the Greatest Salesman. It is a great way to start the day.

It is running through my head at the moment.

I am thankful it is.

I am glad to have a positive soundtrack in my mind.

Thankful that it isn’t negative.

Each day negative thoughts, stories of calamity, real imagined, or impending float through my head, and maybe they float around in your head too.

I don’t want to make assumptions.

We don’t need to argue about them.

We don’t need to push to the front of the line to find the best way forward for ourselves.

We work with them. We work with others.

What is the song playing in your head right now?

What memories does it bring up?

If they are happy, dance along with them.

If they are sad, look for healing and comfort.

If angry, listen for a message.

Or just sing and dance. Perhaps that is what we all need to do for at least five minutes.

What if we all found two-three minutes a day to sing or dance?

Not all at the same time; of course, life-saving work is still going on.

How about before you start that work?

Would your work be better?

How about before you lash out in anger?

Would a relationship be preserved?

Is that crazy?

Well, Seal said it” We will never survive unless we go a little crazy.

Maybe that is a misquote, but I hope you get the point. Go listen to some music, go sing, go dance in public or in private. It doesn’t matter. Just do it.

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