Saturday morning.

A blended latte with almond milk. Sitting outside in the sunshine at a table underneath an umbrella.

My notebook and a purple pen.

When I open up the journal and begin to write, I reflect on all the choices that I have, that we all have. Choices of what to eat, what to watch, what to read, and what to listen to.

Unlimited options, more choices than we can see in a lifetime. The television has endless movies to consume; we have countless amounts of books to read, a never-ending stream of news, and music to listen to.

How do we choose?

There are so many things to consume, but there are also so many things to create. There are obligations to meet. Bills to pay, deadlines to meet, people to spend time with.

Events to plan. Places to go, people to see. Rinse, Repeat, Do it again each day. I believe it is important to reflect and be thankful that we can create and consume.
We are tired from all the work we do, and if we consume too much, we can grow tired and discouraged due to the content we watch. It is easy to look at the lives of individuals on the small screen and begin to think that there is something wrong with us.

This isn’t true. The work we do each day is needed. The people we spend time with need us, and we need them. We can’t be everywhere with everyone, but we can take some time to appreciate the difference we can make in the places that we occupy.

Even if it is just drinking a blended latte underneath an umbrella on a Saturday morning.

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