Show up

Set the timer for 10 minutes, and start to write.
That is how I have written 135 posts this year.
My goal is to write and post every day during 2021.
That is how I do it.
Set the timer for 10 minutes.
Edit the post in Grammarly.
Post to WordPress.
Hit submit.
On to the next day.
That is the goal.
The goal is to post every day for one year.
I am not getting wealthy.
I don’t have a lot of readers.
I show up and write.
That is what you do if you want to accomplish your goal.
Write down your goal.
Develop a process.
Show up each day.
One day at a time.
Until the job is done.
Even when I am tired.
Even when I am sad.
Even when I am angry.
I show up, and I write.
That is what a writer does.
The writer writes.
It not just for a writer.
What are you trying to accomplish?
Show up each day.

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