Setbacks, roadblocks, obstacles are bound to appear. I don’t desire them or call for them, but I realize that I need to prepare for their arrival.

A setback for me has grown into a time to check in with my emotions. It is important to check into the present snd not allow my mind to journey into the future. My battle is that my trip to the future is typically negative. To combat ruminating over destructive views of the world, I have to be intentional about grounded myself and my thoughts in the present moment.

One technique I use is color naming object recognition. For example, if a difficult emotion hovers in, rather than following it, I identify it, then begin to look around my room and name objects; for example, I will look at the wall, and if I see a black frame, I will say black frame, blue wall, white shelf, etc. This practice grounds me in the present moment, allows me to reset, and look for appreciation moments. Appreciation moments cultivate gratitude in the present and hope for the future.

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