Rushing. From event to event, from place to place. Achievement to Achievement, outcome to outcome. I noticed it this morning when I read the Good Samaritan parable; a man was beaten and robbed of all he had; he lay bleeding in the street in need of help. A priest walked by, A Levite walked by, but a Samaritan came by and helped this man. The Levite and The Priest were the ones who were supposed to take care of the man.

They didn’t. The Samaritan came along and did. Perhaps the man was lying on the ground, beaten and robbed, and was praying for help. I wonder if the Priest and the Levite noticed him or were stirred by him. Did they even realize that this is why they became Priests or Levites? It was their birthright and obligation to help people.

The Samaritan stopped and decided to help him. He did the unconventional. In a world of planning, looking for certainty and outcomes, he allowed himself to be interrupted. Unless it was his job to wander the roads and look for travelers who were in distress. Maybe that is what he did.

Could the Samaritan had been a first responder? A person who traveled the roads looking to help people who were in trouble?

The teacher of the law was able to identify through this interaction that Jesus was lifting up the concept of showing mercy.

Life has a way of putting us in both situations. There are times when we are the person on the side of the road, needing to be helped, and we hope that there are people out there who will help us, and there are times when we are called to help other people.

The day can be rushed through or lived in. I am a rusher. I want to get to the next Achievement, the next goal. I can get there. It is possible, but it is also valuable to slow down. To see what is around me. To choose to help someone in need.

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