Reflections on the weekend.

I set a timer for ten minutes and begin to write. I have thought about writing about my weekend, and I started to write about it and erased what I was writing twice.

Good things happened this weekend, I passed my exam, watched Judas and the Black Messiah, watched the new Sponge Bob movie with my son. Tuned into college basketball and the beginning of March Madness, I went to church and got my vaccine shot. The weekend was full of events. Some of them don’t jump straight out at me-  I left out, went to church, and went to Target.

This is living life. Watching, Observing, Downloading, Writing, Playing, Participating. I read books and magazines, received bills, paid bills. Talked with family members. Connected with others. Prayed, laughed, planned, purchased. I even went to Daiso Japan and purchased new pens.

Today is Monday; technically, yesterday was the start of a new week. I always associate the start of a new week with Monday because I am starting the workweek. Still, the week started yesterday on a Sunday.

What lessons can I take from this? The lesson is this live life. Each moment because they drift into time, fade from memory, and the energy and the joy that came from your experiences will fade along with them. The alternative is to appreciate the moments, seek to learn from the moments.

I know that I was frustrated, angry, and scared in these moments, but I can move through them. Move through them using the positive energy that I have stored up from the weekend’s moments and movements.

One thing I want to do more of this week, more living and less evaluating of how I lived, less judging, more service, more engagement in the generosity. Attempting to face the painful with joy and gratitude.

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