Process and Outcomes

When you get a chance to do what you enjoy, you should take it. I do think that we get more chances to do what we enjoy than we realize.

For example, I enjoy writing, playing music, podcasting, reading, watching sports, and spending time with friends and family.

When I find myself not enjoying writing, playing music, or podcasting, it is because I am focusing on not generating the outcomes that I desire. For example, a larger audience for my show, more people who purchase my books.

The truth is that an audience is an outcome. The presence of an audience or the generation of money from the things I enjoy is different. The battle is strong within me that counters this. My own inner voice will inform me that I am not really doing it until I make money and generate huge downloads.

What I just said is an irrational statement. Yes, indeed, I don’t have a large number of book sales, podcast listeners, blog readers, or newsletter subscribers. This is a fact. The truth is this. It doesn’t have anything to do with my creative experience. My creative experience exists in a different space.

When I am writing, I have the chance to settle into the writing and enjoy the sound of the keys tapping the keyboard, and the joy of hitting publish, the sense of accomplishment when I share my work with others.

This is the creative process. Outcomes are not a part of the creative process. Outcomes are outcomes. Outcomes involve other people deciding to come along with you. If people aren’t coming along with you, make adjustments, and keep showing up.

If you are a creative person, continue to create. The decision to continue to create or not create should not be dictated by the size of your audience or your downloads.

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