My son and I were watching the new Tom and Jerry movie. The power went out for a short time. When it came back on, the internet was down as well. I discovered this when I attempted to bring the movie back on; we used A Kindle Fire Stick to watch the movie on HBO Max.

In 1992 we didn’t have wireless internet, but we did have HBO. I grew up watching Tom and Jerry, and now my son enjoys the cartoon. The cartoon is from the 1950s-60s. It struck me today at the beginning of the movie; it began with a pigeon singing along with Tribe Called Quest’s, Can I kick it.

30 years ago, when The album came out, no one was thinking, Tribe Called Quest and Tom and Jerry. Someone must have because, in the Tom and Jerry movie, a Tribe Called Quest was playing.
It is all very odd; time changes to culture and changes the decisions we have made, but artists need t continue creating art. If we continue to create art, eventually, at some point, we will find a home for that art.

Just keep making art.

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