Point of View

What is a point of view? Is it the way you think about a particular topic? Do you express your point of view to others? Do you keep your point of view to yourself?
Is it valuable to have a point of view?

Think about it for a second. If you are in a room full of strangers who aren’t saying a word, someone expressing their perspective can make it easier for other people to express their point of view.

That is the way that conversations begin, and perhaps even progress towards a common goal occurs.

Or the flip side, you can have someone introduce a point of view that is polarizing. Once it is said, the room is split up and divided.

Now we have come to a fork in the road. The point of view that is a divider splits people into teams, and people stay on them long after the meeting is over.
What is a point of view was more like an elementary school gym class game?

Even that statement may be triggering for those of you who hated elementary school gym class games. If elementary school gym class was hard for you, I am sorry. I hated climbing the rope. I could never climb the rope. In fact, as an educational leader, schools don’t have rope climbing anymore.

So I get it. I hated climbing the rope because I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t make it to the top. I had a friend who made it to the top, and then he would hang from the rafters, then go back to the rope.

I was not too fond of it because I couldn’t do it. I loved kickball. Kickball, to me, was fun.

So rope climbing, kickball. Things we enjoy, things we hate.

When gym class was over, I left and went back to class, back to reading, writing, and socializing. The rope and kickball games were left in the gym.

Perhaps with polarizing points of view, we can attempt to leave them where they belong out of our heads and out of our daily experiences.

Consider your point of view. Express it. Listen to the point of view of others. Work towards a common goal.

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