Poinsettias and Pumpkins

Today is January 16th. Christmas was December 25th, and Halloween was on October 31st. The pumpkin is a decoration for Halloween. The poinsettia is found at Christmas. I walk through the neighborhood, and I see houses with Poinsettias and Pumpkins on the door step today in January. Well, past both holidays.

One observation is that the poinsettias and the pumpkins’ condition are pristine, So it makes me wonder if they are real are fake. From a glance, they don’t appear to be plastic. My next observation is that we have gotten better at preservation.

The fall going into winter is my favorite time of year. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years’. These were times of celebration, rest, relaxation, and comfort.

In the past, if I would’ve been critical. My thoughts would have been centered around “jeez people; why do you have Halloween and Christmas decorations out?” It is January time to move on!

Today I don’t have those thoughts; instead, the long past the holiday decorations bring me comfort When I look at the Poinsettias and Pumpkins. Amid tension, stress, and uncertainty, I can  use the comfort and peace to help me move forward with a positive, hopeful story about the future.


2 thoughts on “Poinsettias and Pumpkins

  1. I think the weather must be just right. That pumpkin was never cut, so it can last. I’m a bit jealous—I haven’t been able to go on a bike ride in months. I’m glad you’re having some good weather and that it’s keeping the pumpkins feisty!

    I wish we told more hopeful stories about the future. But what about the present?

  2. Great post, Steven, and it is a reminder that it is often these simple, symbolic things that do give us comfort. Especially, as you say, if we don’t get worked up about whether people are doing things properly (or whatever our story is) and just let it be. Your post reminds me of an oft had conversation in our family about how the millisecond Christmas is finished, the shops start selling Easter buns and eggs. As much as I enjoy an Easter bun, I refuse to buy them until it is closer to the time. You have made me question what we let go and what we let get to us 🤔

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