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Does your mind constantly generate stories that aren’t true? DJ has a problem.

I was watching basketball, doing laundry, drinking coffee, and chatting with Watts, “What’s the rush, Steven?” The questions Watts posed caused me to reflect and change my course. Here is what she told me “Take the next three weeks to introduce the relationship that Donavan and Travis have. Then use week three to introduce Laura.” […]

Read this or Danyo will steal your thoughts and use them against you.

On Saturday morning, I walked down to 310 Coffee. I purchased an almond milk latte and some zucchini bread. Before I began to write, I took a picture of the latte. The barista did a great job, and I admired the craftsmanship of his latte art.   About fifteen minutes later, I spilled the latte […]

Akemi begins to dance.

I battle with anxiety daily. In fact, I have no clue who is winning. I decided to fight back by using the weapon of organization. So I made a plan. For the next thirty weeks, I am going to post part of this story publically to my blog. Is planning a remedy to the tension […]

DJ joins the Multiverse

DJ joins the Multiverse does two things. It introduces us to the character DJ and it attempts to explain how he ended up working in the multiverse. If you get confused that is ok. Just leave me some feedback and I will work on making the story more clear. This is an experiment. This excerpt […]

Here I am, Signed, Sealed, Delivered.

This is an experiment. One of my goals is to self publish my Nanowrimo novel The Adventures of Aquafunkpus and his Band of Misfit Heroes in 2020. In November, I wrote the rough draft of 50,000 words. I interviewed my characters on this blog. Subscribe at the bottom and I can tell you more. Now […]

People and Systems

My fifth-grade teacher’s name was Mr. Slivka. To keep our rowdy class in line, he used poker chips, a bowl, and a board with nails on them. At the beginning of the year, he showed us the board. The board had poker chips with holes in them hanging by the nails on the board. All […]

The Architect and The Construction Worker.

Disney Hall in Los Angeles opened in 2003. The building was designed by Frank Gehry. Most people have heard of Frank Gehry and are familiar with his work. When I watched a video of the construction of Disney Hall, I wanted to know the name of the construction companies that worked on the theater. I […]

Books, Coffee, and Cherophobia

  Cherophobia is the fear of being happy. It is the idea that if you do something fun or have satisfied thoughts, you are going to have something terrible happen to you. For me, it manifests like this, I wake up and go through my gratitude exercises, and after I finish, the next thought is, […]


As I was on the plane flying to the city of my birth Chicago, I reflected on those who served my family and helped us on our trip. In this piece my desire is to express thanks and offer a few travel tips. Today I am thankful for those who served my family on Christmas […]

Joy and Pain

This past week I have seen and experienced the very beautiful and the very tragic. At times it felt as if it were happening all at once. At work this week, I planned a staff spirit week. These included a Holiday Sock Day, Pajama Day, an Ugly sweater day, and a toy drive. My goal […]

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