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Your Senior Year- Hack for the multpotentiated person.

I am a multpotentiated person In case you don’t know what it is a good working definition I found – R.H. Frederickson et al. defined a multipotentiaedl person as someone who “when provided with appropriate environments, can select and develop a number of competencies to a high level.” There it is. I have the ability […]

Thoughts on Hamilton

I loved Hamilton. I was about to just end the daily right there. My family and I watched it on Disney+ this weekend. I enjoyed it for so many reasons. There was a literary technique that I noticed in the story. Most people know the story of Hamilton, In the story most people know that […]

The Four Agreements- Not those Four Agreements, by My Four Agreements

Currently, I am participating in a wonderful Akimbo Workshop called Writing in Community. The goal of the workshop is to write a book and publish it on the Kindle Platform. Each day we write and submit to the platform. This is one of the posts that I wrote as I was working through the commitment […]

For my Dad

    My Dad died of Pancreatic Cancer when I was 17. I would drive him back and forth to the doctor from time to time . He died in October but the summer months of June, July he went into remission. I remember him telling me one day, “ Steven if I would’ve had […]

Baxter and Chloe

I just took Bernadette Jiwa and Seth’s Godin’s Story Skills Workshop. This is the story that I recorded. I used Sonix to transcribe the recording. If you would like to see the audio it is here  This is a short story that I may build on in the future. Baxter is a desk, and Chloe […]

Burn the Strawman

My Father grew up in Sulligent, Alabama, at the height of Jim Crow laws and the Black Codes. At 16, he lied about his age, joined the Army, and was shipped to the Pacific and fought in World War 2. My father never talked to me about his military experience. As far as I knew, […]

Seperating the knots.

Life right now is different. Each day brings highs and lows. I began to reflect and came up with an image that helped me process all the experiences and emotions each day would serve. The picture in my mind was one of a ball of Christmas tree lights. You know what it looks like, a […]


I needed a day off, so I took one. I was doing a 90 day YouTube Challenge and had made 63 videos in a row and created two channels. If you have children check out my teaching channel, I release lessons Mon-Fri. So on Saturday, I decided not to make one. Then on Sunday, I […]

The Staff Meeting.

The Staff Meeting- You are looking into a staff meeting between Steven- Author and his characters from his in-progress novel- The Adventures of Aquafunkapus and his Band of Misfit Heroes. Steven wrote a rough draft of the novel in November during Nanowrimo. This year on his blog he has been posting excerpts about it. He […]

Grief and Hope

This week STUNK! On a national level, the US saw thousands of people die. On a personal level, my wife’s family lost two relatives to COVID. Life changes in an instant, and I hope to have the emotions to meet specific situations. This week I was tested in several ways. The test began one morning, […]

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