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Why? Why ? The marginalization of the other adverbs.

As a child, I watched Sesame Street. Big Bird, Bert and Ernie, Cookie Monster, The Count, Snufflelupagss, and Oscar the Grouch were featured daily. Naturally, I outgrew Sesame Street. Years later, when my son was born, Elmo was all the rage. How did one muppet take over the entire universe? I thought that when we […]


Setbacks, roadblocks, obstacles are bound to appear. I don’t desire them or call for them, but I realize that I need to prepare for their arrival. A setback for me has grown into a time to check in with my emotions. It is important to check into the present snd not allow my mind to […]

Software Updates

Software updates occur regularly. Most of the times, they are uneventful, you press a button, close some applications and then you close down the applications, open them back up, and all is well. Then sometimes, an error occurs. This morning this happened. A freaked out a bit, but I decided to simply send an email […]

My take on the Kobayahsi Maru

  If you are a Star Trek fan, then you know about The Kobyashi Maru. If you aren’t a Star Trek fan, you can read about it here.   In a nutshell, it was a test designed to test a leader’s character by putting them in a no-win situation. Captain Kirk was the only person […]

Super Sunday.

I am a die-hard Chicago Bears fan. Today during the Super Bowl my team wasn’t playing but I appreciated watching excellence and dedication on display. Tom Brady won his 7th Super Bowl. Say what you may say about him the man is the GOAT.


Rest is hard for me. There are too many books to read, shows to watch, people to talk to, content to create. The body demands rest, and the body will make sure that it gets the rest it needs. So rest and recharge.

Little Victories

  I put together my instrument today, downloaded garage band, and plugged in my Blue Yeti microphone. I hit record and began to play. This was a victory for me. I have been practicing my saxophone for the past 19 days in row. I wander what lies in store?

Taking it personal

Perhaps you have heard the term “ Don’t take things personally.” Why? Has anyone ever considered why we give that advice? In fact, who really follows it? When someone calls you a name, you take it personally; when someone tells you your work is bad, I take it personally. I take things personally when the […]


Stop fighting with people on Social Media. Really stop it. Unless it helps you, and unless it helps other people, or if it delivers a living wage. Instead of fighting with people, posting your witty comeback that isn’t witty, nor a comeback. Dueling hashtags and increasing hyperbole isn’t vigorous debate; it’s noise. A clanging gong. […]

Pop Life

Pop Life by Prince was the first song I saw this morning. The groundhog saw his shadow, So ig you believe in these things, you have six weeks of winter left. I saw some Orange Trees on my walk today. “Pop Life everybody needs a thrill. Pop Life we all have a space to fill.” […]

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