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The Staff Meeting.

The Staff Meeting- You are looking into a staff meeting between Steven- Author and his characters from his in-progress novel- The Adventures of Aquafunkapus and his Band of Misfit Heroes. Steven wrote a rough draft of the novel in November during Nanowrimo. This year on his blog he has been posting excerpts about it. He […]

Grief and Hope

This week STUNK! On a national level, the US saw thousands of people die. On a personal level, my wife’s family lost two relatives to COVID. Life changes in an instant, and I hope to have the emotions to meet specific situations. This week I was tested in several ways. The test began one morning, […]


WATCH THE VIDEO! THEN READ THE POST! D.J was sitting in the corner at the rehearsal dinner waiting for it to start. He wished he had brought in the book he was reading, but felt that it would look pretentious to be isolating himself in the corner reading. He looked up in time to see […]

we interrupt this program

I am currently doing a 30 post-challenge. For the past eight weeks, I have posted an excerpt from my novel. I am pausing this week. I felt the need to. The entire world is experiencing a universal moment. In California, we were told to Stay at home. I went out to the store and purchased […]

Sunday Bloody Sunday

WATCH THIS VIDEO BEFORE YOU READ ANYTHING! Except of course this sentence. NOW WATCH THE VIDEO! Danyo here! Steven is finally making some attempts to promote his Podcast and Youtube Channel. Watts is away this week. She is attempting to find a voice that is different than mine. Personally, I believe that I should be […]

The one that got away.

  Steven is away at the moment. He is attempting to figure out how to explain the process in which Danyo harvests emotions and creates a new life for you in an alternate multiverse. Steven likes to think, perhaps sometimes a little bit too much. Currently, he is walking down the street listening to Prince. […]

Does your mind constantly generate stories that aren’t true? DJ has a problem.

I was watching basketball, doing laundry, drinking coffee, and chatting with Watts, “What’s the rush, Steven?” The questions Watts posed caused me to reflect and change my course. Here is what she told me “Take the next three weeks to introduce the relationship that Donavan and Travis have. Then use week three to introduce Laura.” […]

Read this or Danyo will steal your thoughts and use them against you.

On Saturday morning, I walked down to 310 Coffee. I purchased an almond milk latte and some zucchini bread. Before I began to write, I took a picture of the latte. The barista did a great job, and I admired the craftsmanship of his latte art.   About fifteen minutes later, I spilled the latte […]

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