Oscar and The Count

Oscar, the Grouch, lived in a garbage can. His name says it all. Oscar didn’t exude joy and happiness; thus, he was called a grouch.

I watched a video this morning with Oscar and The Count. The Count got Oscar to say no 17 times. 17 was the number of the day.

What amazed me in this video was how the Count responded to Oscar. The Count didn’t get mad at him, but he led him.

The lesson I learned. Negativity doesn’t have to spread. The Count found a way to accomplish his goal and to interact with Oscar. Oscar stayed mad. The Count accomplished his goal of getting Oscar to say the number of the day.

To learn, we need to be curious, and to be curious, we need to engage.

Once we engage, we can apply our knowledge to our current situation.

Then rinse and repeat.

You may be a grouch.

You may be the Count.

Be curious and engage.

Watch this video and ask who I am?

The Grouch or the Count?

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