When Jesus preached in his hometown of Nazareth, they responded to his message like this. They took him to a cliff and tried to throw him off of it.

Jesus walked through the crowd and went on his way.

How do you respond to opposition?

First, do you believe that it is opposition? You can be optimistic but not to the point where you deny the existence of opposing forces or resistance to you.

Engaging opposition from an optimistic point of view is better than being bitter and grumpy.

Optimism should be treated like a yellow light. Slow down, proceed with caution, but be prepared to stop.

Speedy optimism could result in distorting reality and missing the lessons available to us due to the opposition we are facing.

In the face of opposition, move away from the people, places, or things that generate the tension. Next, take time to reflect on what is going on inside of you. What has it stirred up in you Anger? Bitterness?

What plans are you beginning to make? What ideas do you have? Proceed with caution through this part of the journey.

After reflection, decide to engage with hope. Not hope that other people will change and begin to see the world your way, no that could lead to more opposition from them and more Anger or bitterness inside of you.

Instead, say that perhaps we are just not ready. It isn’t time for them to hear from me, or maybe I am not the person to move them.

Instead, choose hope and move forward. Move forward and do the work that you have chosen to do.

Jesus left his hometown and went to preach elsewhere, people came to him wanting to be healed, and he healed them.

There will be opposition, but there is still work we can do, and there are people who want us around to do it.

Hope tells you that serving is the right thing to do. Hope will move you forward in your work.

The people who will respond to your acts of service are out there.

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