On Writer’s Block

I wrote two sentences, and then I erased them. Is this writer’s block or a decision to write something different.? The sentence that I just wrote was my third in a row, but I didn’t erase it. Right now, the piece of work that I am continuing either shows that I defeated writer’s block, or is it that I just decided to keep writing?

Seth Godin writes that Writer’s Block doesn’t exist; it is a bold assertion, for a concept that has been embraced universally, you hear the term writer’s block all the time. After reading his post about it and hearing him talk about it. I agree with him.

Writer’s block could be a reason that you are telling yourself why you decided to stop writing. What if you took time to reflect? Perhaps it isn’t Writer’s Block. For example- Look at one thing we may stop. Exercise.
If I stop going to the gym, I say I quit exercising. I don’t call it to exercise block. When people end relationships, they don’t call it relationship block.

I was hoping you could stop using the term Writer’s Block and instead say, I stopped writing. Then say, but I am a writer. I will start again.

Try this test with yourself; when you say you have Writer’s Block, pause and ask yourself this. Do I have multiple ideas in my head, or do I have a blank mind devoid of ideas? What do you see at this moment? If you have ideas in your head, you might have a Traffic Jam; at this point. You have an abundance of ideas that are waiting to get out. They are all lining up, waiting to jump onto a page. Just set a timer for five minutes and write them down.

You have a choice. You can choose to sit and stare at the screen and decide to write nothing, That is a choice, or you can write whatever you are thinking; that is a choice available to you. I think Seth is right when he says that the issue is this. We, myself included, are afraid of our bad writing.

Don’t be afraid of your bad writing! Write anyway. The only way to have good writing is to take your bad writing and work through it. That Is what editing is for; that is what community is for. So the next time you are stuck, don’t go to your writing friends and say I don’t have anything to share today; I have writer’s block. Instead, go back and write something! Then come back with it!

Note this is for people who set aside time to write each day; if you have hard times, job loss, family loss, illness, give yourself the time and space you need, but if you schedule your time to write, then make sure you use that time to write.

Back to the beginning, I started by telling you I erased the first two sentences, and now I have over 400 words that I am going to post to my blog and share with my writing group for feedback. I chose to keep going; I didn’t tell myself I had Writer’s Block.

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  1. Not surprising Steven that this post is speaking my language. I agree with Seth too on this matter, by writing consistently (now over 400 daily posts) I’ve stopped being afraid of bad writing.
    It’s a great post and sentiment to apply to the other stories we tell ourselves.

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