On quitting.

Today I read several articles about employees quitting their jobs and re-evaluate life choices.
In some of these articles, I have seen the resentment of employers coming through. I can understand why business owners would be upset if they can’t find workers. But, in some cases, the finger is pointed at the government.

Why is it the government’s fault if people decide to quit their jobs? People in the United States point to unemployment benefits as a reason people are quitting. No, that is not true. If people enjoyed the work they do and are respected in the workplace, they don’t quit.

Blaming generous unemployment benefits is a straw man argument and a false equivalency.

If I were to quit my job right now, the unemployment benefits would not come close to replacing my current income. So I would have to reduce my expenses; they would run out in six months, so I would need to find another job. This is the purpose of unemployment benefits, a bridge to another job.

People are evaluating their lives and their choices regarding their employment decisions, and employers need to ask themselves this question- Why are you entitled to workers? Why is it a given that highly skilled people choose you to work for in a competitive marketplace?

If an employee can’t share in the vision, goals, and aspirations of a company, you signal that they are nothing more than a cog in a wheel. So why would a highly skilled and highly talented person sign up to be a cog in a wheel? Consider that for a moment, then move forward from that point.

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