On name calling.

As a child, I called other kids names, often using curse words that escalated with each use. I grew out of that. At a point in my life, I realized that treating people with dignity and respect was worth it, not for just  them, but it  determined the type of person I would be.
My Father taught me that if I worked hard, the success that I desired would be mine. Most of the time, when I reflect, I don’t believe that I have achieved the success that I have desired.
I have observed success come to those  who treat people poorly; we give them time, money, and even power. The tragedy is that many people will choose this path, deciding to  intentionally hurt people as a step on the road to success.
Inner peace and inner joy can’t come from hurting other people. For every person you hurt, there will be someone who rises to defend them against the malicious attacks that individuals wage, but people dig down and persist in hurting people, the amount of fame they have, their money, and their attention continues to grow.
It can be that way for them, but it isn’t going to be that way for me. It doesn’t have to be that way for you either. Decide to be the person who rises to defend those being attacked.
The road to riches, financial riches, is littered with those who intentionally build audiences and accumulate wealth by intentionally humiliating people with words. They justify these actions by claiming free speech, or even worse, that other people are insensitive. A bully is a bully because they have decided to be one. As a society, as long as we choose to reward them with our attention, money, and devotion, they will continue to reproduce.
The formula works in the other direction as well. We can increase joy, peace, and even financial prosperity if we model speaking assertively, but we don’t demean people. It is hard work worth doing.

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