On Lingering

I woke up this morning thinking about the word Lingering.
My simple and crude definition is this- “ To hang around.” It could be you staying in place for too long; it could be thoughts in your mind that seem to be hanging around.

Stuck is different than Lingering. Stuck and Lingering are cousins.
I do think that stuck, and Lingering are offering us a choice.

Leave or Stay.

If you leave, ask yourself if you are looking for someone or something to fulfill you or a place to contribute?

If you decide to stay, ask yourself, how can your lingering turn to contribution?
Lingering is different than resting.

Resting acknowledges that you will be back; you need to recharge, then you will come back and continue to be useful.

We should be aware of what we are allowing to linger in our lives and in our minds.
I am mindful of my mornings now.

I wake up, meditate, read scripture, then I write and post to my blog.
My soul needs a chance to wake up, to recharge, to come to full strength.

I stopped allowing the news, social media, text messages to be the first bits of information to access my innermost self.

Why? This is why. Those posts, messages, arguments, concerns, exaggerated statements, conflicts that are not mine linger.

Lingering in my mind for far too long. Taking up space without purpose.
So I had to stop.

It began by looking around and seeing what was lingering.



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