On Fear

What do you think about fear?

Fear is an emotion. Fear’s body is composed of thoughts, usually sad thoughts of horrible things that occur to the people we love or us.

Left unchecked, these details grow in specificity, often leaving us full of fear and full of anxiety.

The truth is we may be in a position where our worst fears may come true.
You may be at the hospital with a parent, sibling, or loved one, and they may be facing surgery.

The possibility is that they could live, or they could die.
Sometimes they do.
You rejoice.
Sometimes they don’t.
You are sad.

Joy doesn’t seem easy to maintain.
It comes and goes based on the moments, experiences, circumstances.
Sadness and discouragement seem easier to generate and stays longer.
I could give myself a medal for being sad, discouraged internally.
I wouldn’t. No one else would either.

For some reason, sadness, discouragement, anxiety are very easy to develop.
The world doesn’t have sad experts who will come to your home and make you sad. But, even if there were, would you hire them?

Why hire someone when you can do the work yourself.
Happiness, joy, gratitude.
There are tons of books, videos designed for us to be happy, and they are advertised that way.

Read this book, and get happy.
But why is a true-crime so popular?

Why are we drawn to experiencing the worst moments in someone’s life?
Do we watch it because we will turn out happy?
Fear is a funny thing; we expose ourselves to it.

We also dread it.
Some call it wonderful.

Some call it horrible.
Some say to dance with it.

Some say to avoid it.
How about you?

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