On Competition

Competition is all around us. In the NFL draft last night, I watched five quarterbacks being drafted in the first round.

To get drafted in the first round of the NFL draft, you need to demonstrate a high level of competency in your abilities to play football.

In reality, one competition is ending, and another one is beginning.

First-round doesn’t guarantee you lifetime success.

Tom Brady, we know, was passed up. None of the quarterbacks drafted before him own Super Bowl rings.

Tom had to compete to get where he is today.

There is tension between competition and wellness.

I had to compete with people to get the current position I am in.

I am not in active competition with anyone for my job right now.

I wouldn’t want to be in constant competition for my job every day.

A politician’s life isn’t for me.

Every two, four, or six years you are competing to hold on to your job because someone wants to take it.
Someone out there beliefs they can do the job better than you can.

Is it the same as an Independent content creator?

My mindset is different. I am not trying to beat other podcasters, bloggers, authors.

I have my space to create, and it is up to me to fill it.

I don’t have to compete for a spot on pod bean, I don’t have to audition for WordPress, I don’t need an agent for a spot on Youtube or a slot the shelf on Amazon.

If you wish to create. You can create.

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