Day 56-
Yeah! Got my first vaccine this morning; I am a person who finds himself drawn to operations. For example, as I got my vaccine, I paid attention to all the cones that they had on the ground. How they moved the cars in and out of the lanes, I think a lot about the backend of operations; for example, if no one put those cones down, it would be chaos at the vaccine site. Hence, a group of people had to put thousands of cones down on the ground.

That work is important, I apply that to my own day to day, the back end is important, Yes it is important to vaccinate a population, but how we do it is very important, in my work, I pay a lot of attention to my How’s, How will I get my writing in during the week, How will I find time to practice, How will I set aside time to get my podcast together, and then I have to pull in the when, and then it is a point of sitting down and working, one project at a time.

Just like those cones at the vaccine site, One cone at a time. The course are important without them cars would be all of the places, and people would be frustrated, and bitter, and I am sure there would be accidents, and fights.

My creative work process mitigates the frustration and increases my desire to get my daily work in; today, I spent time practicing, talking with some friends about my novel, and working on my blog post. Looking forward to another week of creativity.

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