No control

Does time move slow, or does time move fast? The reality is that time moves at the same speed every day. My thoughts, actions don’t speed up or slow down time.

I do get to make a choice on how I experience the time I have. There are many ways to experience time – being productive, eating, resting, hoping, worrying.

Time often brings us outcomes that we didn’t plan for, nor did we expect or see coming.

I watched a UFC fight last night, and the fighter had a severe fracture of his leg. He was carted off on a stretcher. He didn’t train for that. He didn’t hope for that; he didn’t wish for that outcome.

The news reported that within 24 hours after the George Floyd verdict, six people were killed in police shootings around the nation.

I don’t think that the people who died had planned to die that day. I am sure they had plans made for the weekend or plans for the day. They had hopes, dreams, goals for the future.

We make plans and align our plans with the outcomes that we desire.

The outcomes are out of our control. That is a hard truth. I wish I could control the outcomes of the plans that I make.

I can’t, and none of us can.

What can we do then?

We can be thankful for what we have.

We can seek to help others.

The present moment invites us into these opportunities.

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